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Waterproofing at the touch of button….

Last week I was invited by Dr. Fixit to Acetech 2016. Apart from being briefed about the waterproofing solutions for every surface area by Dr. Fixit, I was also privileged to be a part of their application launch. An easy route to meeting the experts. Read more about “Dr Fixit waterproofing expert” app in this post.

The stall was very inviting and their team was enthusiastic and very informative about their products.


Yes, I can go on and on about the various products of Dr. Fixit. But before that, take a look at the picture below. I am sure everyone of us have come across at least one seepage experience or water related problem in our lives. I have myself lived in a room with interesting patterns of mold on them that increased after every rainy season.


Offlate, this has been a great concern in cities where apartments are blooming every day. How many of us actually worry or even ask the builder about the water proofing methods used by them. This post is ideally attempting at creating awareness regarding the importance of waterproofing our homes. This is very similar to the importance we give to buying furniture or decorating our spaces. What is important and often neglected is the knowledge about waterproofing and the need for it. With a little effort beforehand, the problems that occur later can be solved.


After seeing the above picture, I am sure all of you will agree when I say that we are constantly looking at replacing conventional methods with modern ideas.  Then why this hesitation when it comes to waterproofing. Its important to understand that the right waterproofing will minimize recurring expenses and the frustration that comes with it. In a place like Bangalore, where allergic related health concerns are growing by the day, the right waterproofing helps eliminate health issues. Also, not to forget, it increases the value of your homes.

This post will enlighten you on waterproofing made easy. I could definitely write a lot about the various Dr Fixit products here, but I am sure that would not be your focus. Let me discuss about an application recently launched by Dr. Fixit…..yes, you guessed it right!…waterproofing solutions at your fingertips.

So, how this is how it can help you….


The application can be downloaded both on Android phones and iphones. After you download the app, it will ask for name, email and phone number. After these details are given, the screen opens with various options. Before you learn about their range of solutions, you can read the importance of waterproofing in the section “Why waterproofing?”. I found this very interesting. It also answers some of the frequently asked questions about different areas of a building like basement, terrace, wet areas and so on. In their “Segments” section, you can learn about waterproofing Bungalows, Multi-storey/Commercial buildings, Hospitals and Hotels.  Their “Ask Dr Fixit” option is the most interesting feature and something I loved. There is a “Click and send an image” button which allows you to click a picture of the affected area in your homes, once you send it to them, their technical experts will get back to you with a solution or recommend a product.

Hmm …now you know, why I said…”WATERPROOFING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS”….

Please use their app and write to me about your experiences!!!


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