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Wall DeCals on Ceilings!!!!

Wondering!!!!!…..yes that’s exactly what I said…… My cute customers Shruthi and Rithish believed in me and let me experiment in their apartment. All that I told them was to buy this…this and that……

Here is a step by step explanation of what transpired and the final design. Shruthi and Rithish wanted to use some wall decals in their apartment. I always believe that it is important to give the customers a very personalized feel to their home rather than the typical trend that is existing in the market. Budget constraints do not mean creativity constraints. Infact, I believe that it helps in evolving oneself as a better designer as you will think of alternatives that are cost effective yet creative and personal.

Step 1

Checking wall decals online. I found something interesting for their apartment on Flipkart. Thanks to Whatsapp, all that I did was send a screenshot of this to them. They blindly purchased totally unaware of what I would be doing with this.


Step 2

After 90% of the completion of the apartment, they were still unsure of where those decals were to be put. Then I found the blank canvas.


Step 3

I asked Rithish to stick those decals onto the false ceiling in a way so as to create a pattern. Although, he did not seem convinced, he simply trusted me. Here is the end result.


Think out of the box. Try wall decals on different surfaces. Write to me at for any suggestions of wall decal fixing.


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