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Visualisation to Reality – A simple stage design

Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build – Robert Collier

I strongly believe in this and share this message with all my students. As a designer, its easy to generate ideas in the mind. But often, these do not get transferred or communicated in a right manner to the team working on it. Now, here is where the mood board, concept board or colour scheme board comes handy.

I recently designed a stage for a women’s day event. I was working with a team passionate in Papercraft. Working with this team was not only fun but absolutely transparent. All I had to do was show them the above concept board. The design had to be a very budget friendly one. When I visited the store, i found some black fabrics. I immediately decided that black will be the dominant colour of the decor. Then came the thought of the actual mood of the party. With black as the background, the style choice was classic. So red was the immediate accent colour. To add sparkle to the decor, I opted for gold. With all these choices in mind, I quickly put together the mood board with black screens, red paper roses, golden lights, golden star garlands etc., The outcome was magical. The team added ballerinas made out of golden papered cones, letter W representing Women’s day, red paper roses.

Stay tuned as I will be doing more posts on how to bring a concept to reality.



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