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Violets And Pinks Are The Front runners In Popular Color Trends Of 2018

The serene “greenery” is a popular pick for most designers


Last year we witnessed different shades of green dominating the interior designing arena worldwide. While some of the international designers stuck with their dissimilar personal preferences, most of them chose a soothing and calming shade of green over other shades in the color palette. This year, again, the trend is going to be different with a majority of designers voting for bright and vibrant hues of pinks and violets. Hence, a lot of speculations are on with the shift towards a serene “green” to more edgy and vibrant colors.

Follow The Latest Color Trends To Stay In Vogue

If you are looking forward to painting or refurbishing your home or office, you must select a popular shade from the trending colors in 2018. However, you always have the liberty to select a shade based on your own choice and score high with the smart use of colors in interior designing. It is best to discuss your preferences with the designer and seek his or her opinion on the same.

They are the best people who know which colors are in vogue and what color combination will enhance the visual appearance of your living or work space. You must also follow the current trends to find out the shades that complement each other perfectly and portray your individual taste. The main objective is to choose colors that are not mundane and are futuristic at the same time.

Color Trends 2017 Vs. 2018 – A Comparative Study


Based on a detailed survey encompassing the preferences and opinions of the world’s top interior designers, a report has been published. The report shows a decline in the percentage of green and blue shades this year as compared to the previous year. On the other hand, shades of red, yellow and purple have seen a steady incline. This trend suggests that, even if a major portion of the designers predict last year’s popular shades to prevail this year as well, but few hints on more bright shades to perform well in 2018.


Earthy hues like beige and brown have retained their position with a slight reduction in percentage while many designers are focusing on experimenting with shades of black and grey. A good number of designers have selected different shades of purple as the new trending color. However, the overall study reveals that the opinions highly contradict each other with a slight tendency to pick up vibrant shades of pink, yellow and purple.

Selecting The Right Color Theme Is An Integral Part Of Designing Your Home

Designing your home or office can be tricky and if you don’t put much attention it might be a disaster that you can’t alter in the coming few years as painting your home is quite a costly affair. Thus, be clear with your ideas and make it a priority to convey them well to your designer.

Select a theme and let him know the shades that you prefer. If you choose bright shades of pink and purple on the walls, try to smooth out the effect with lighter shades of silver and chrome for the furniture, fixtures, and upholstery. A well-designed home oozes class and perfection with the choice of colors you make.


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