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‘You are no M.F.Hussain, but you could still earn off your art’; could be the best tagline for With their headquarters at California and a worldwide rank of 8,372, attracts 6 million viewers monthly. Justin Cooper, Justin Willis and Lucas Tirigall-Castle created this website in 2009 rendering a platform to all the artists around the world to showcase their art and also earn a decent amount whenever a probable customer uses its design.

The time is gone when you only had online portals for shopping for clothes and accessories. Now with the advancing time and hectic schedules, one could still pretend to be artistic and not have to visit art galleries; all thanks to This article is a Society6 art review that would give you a complete insight of the website, how it works, how to buy/sell your artworks, etc. so stay tuned and keep your eyes glued to your devices.


By now, you must have got the idea that is a website that lets you sell your art to them provided that your art form meets those guidelines. Any art form that breaches their terms and conditions would be disqualified from being put up for sale. This website sells not just artworks but also commodities that could be used by the buyer to attach the artwork with. is more on the versatile side. From phone cover arts to wall murals, one can find anything and everything under the sun.

Bonus points to the creative mind of the founders to include a blog section in the site which publishes about the artist’s side of the story. One may also find information about different kinds of art forms. This blog could be helpful to anyone who is inclined towards world art. An extremely clever way to attract customers.


After you sign up, you are all ready to upload your artwork and wait till you find someone of your similar taste. The payment procedure couldn’t be any simpler. Once the artwork has been used, the artist is entitled to 10% of the total sell. With simpler payment gateways, it is a safe option for the artist and the customer. If you are an artist, you can upload as many as artwork you want to, that all the more increases your chance to earn more. From a customer point of view, if you are hungry-for-art kind of a person but lack the basic knowledge of art, then is your muse. The artworks seem like straight out of galleries. The printing service is worth drooling for. The products come in bubble wraps completely secured of any kind of breakouts. The product arrives at your doorstep right within the stipulated time.


For an artist, it pays a decent amount. But if you are planning to make a career out of it, then this is not the right choice. But an easy income over the weekends wouldn’t hurt much when all you have to do is use your creative wand and upload something never seen before. For the customer, the price ranges are pretty much affordable considering the cost of items if bought separately from outside.

It is a win-win situation for both the sides. The artist would earn an easy pay without much effort while the customer gets a classy artwork at getaway prices. Hope this Society6 art review was helpful enough and would make your shopping experience a little more sorted.

My current favourite on Society6 is their tapestry collection. Here is a sneak peek into the collection.




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