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Protect your Exterior Walls with Berger Anti Dust Paint Solutions

When I relocated from Germany to Bangalore, as much as I was happy to be closer to my family, I was constantly worried about the health of my children especially my allergic son. I settled for an apartment away from the city limits in the hope of finding some greenery.  The apartment was new and pristine white. This was one of the selecting factors. The structure stood tall surrounded by lush green fields, a water body and tall Eucalyptus trees. After every rain, the greenery was a treat to the eyes. This definitely had a healing effect. I totally enjoyed two years of this view and spent most of my time in the balcony.

As days passed by, my balcony was getting very dusty. It was becoming mandatory for me to clean and dust on a daily basis. I began to feel the green blanket slowly disappearing. It was getting replaced by tall constructions, road widening work and so on. A thick layer of dust settled on the leaves, walls and every object placed in the balcony. The beautifully textured exterior walls were losing its beauty as the dust penetrated the grooves. My balcony was my haven. All my creative tasks were being thought out from here. This was my work place and seeing the rate at which it was accumulating dust was very frustrating and distracting as well. My work efficiency reduced and so I stopped decorating this place and moved my work table to my bedroom. Every time, I stood in the balcony, I was saddened. It was losing its charm and I knew that I had to act fast.

As an Interior designer, I have always given a lot of importance to art and decor in interiors and mostly neglected the exteriors. I have always lived in apartments and assumed that it was not my job to worry about the exteriors until this time. This balcony experience clearly indicated that I needed some lessons on handling the exteriors. I took this as a challenge and started my research. The first step was to take a close look at the exterior wall surfaces of the apartment.  The exteriors get much less than they deserve. It bears the most of the brunt of the weather elements like rain, sun and the associated heat and cold. It dawned on me that the exteriors need to be given as much importance, albeit from a different perspective. Be it urban, a semi urban or rural area, development is a constant factor and any development brings with it a host of problems too in the process, the most prominent among them being the omnipresent dust. It sticks to the walls and weakens the surface by forming fungus during rains and fog while also greatly decreasing the aesthetics.

It was clear that in a city where there are rapid developments, the one thing that will remain constant is the construction work. I cannot live here and complain. This is something I cannot alter. But I also see the pristine white of our building slowly darkening. The so called subtle textures on the walls are now very obvious because of the dust settled in its grooves. Yes, it is losing its aesthetic appeal. What could I do?.

This is when I researched about the Berger brand of wall paints. The consultants offered me a solution to the dusty exterior walls. The Berger Weather coat Antidust Paint has a unique and innovative Dust Guard technology that doesn’t allow dust to settle on the exterior walls. It is also an anti fungus treatment for the walls.  

Another concern I expressed to them was the streaks that are left by the dust which are hard to get rid of. Berger consultants explained to me clearly on how Weathercoat AntiDust Paint has a high sheen and this gloss makes it highly dust resistant and so the dust does not sit on the surface. This seemed interesting and I was curious to know more about the product. On further enquiry, I learnt from the consultants that Berger Anti Dustt Paint is a special grade of acrylic emulsion and is resistant to chalking, flaking and fading and therefore retains the original look of the paint for a longer period of time than the conventional paint. This means that the aesthetic appeal of the walls can be retained for a longer time.

I am now convinced to see the change and bring in a new look for my apartment walls. I Will submit this research to my association members and highlight all the benefits of Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dust Paint for all external walls. Under ideal conditions, its coverage is about 60-70 sq ft per litre and needs two coats. I specially love the rich sheen it has and admire its Anti fungal and anti algal protection.

Have you also faced problems in maintaining and managing your external walls? Do write to me on how you handled it. Here are some of Berger Brand’s ancillary products which can be used along with Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dust Paint for all external walls.


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