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Its always a pleasure to have guests writing on your blog. The joy doubles up when the guest writer is your own student. Introducing my student Zainab who now lives in Japan. She is a passionate designer and expressed her interest to write here. Listen to her in her own words….
Hi Readers,
I’m an Interior Designer at Profession who believes art and design exists in everything around us, one has to just feel it. I love to explore every aspect of life be it in design, travel, fashion, lifestyle, food etc.
I’m here to share some of my experiences and to persuade a design spark in you. Lets begin with the place where I live and cherish… JAPAN 
Living here in Japan for over a couple of years , I have realised that the Japanese love and admire the nature and put efforts in making it more beautiful. They love spending time within that space created. Every house here begins with either a beautiful landscape or at least some planters if the space is less.
The history about these gardens dates back in time. MINIMALISM is the KEYThese gardens are not only a beauty aspect for them but also keeps them in contact with spirituality. This is what I find in their stylized yet mystic design concepts. Some of the Key Elements of these landscapes are outlined here. Be it a spacious patio or just a corner in the entrance, the elements of Japanese gardening are simple yet bring in the feel of sophistication.
Rocks and Sand ….A perfect blend of both in a very natural manner. 
Water Bodies soothes the environment and adds texture to the landscape. 
Garden bridges A unique and traditional element of Japanese gardens. 
Stone lanterns & water basins –  These come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. This is the most striking feature of this type of Landscape. 
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Other Added Features – Fish, Planters/trees, garden subtle lighting, other Japanese mystic accessories. 
These are some of the basic points in creating a Japanese style landscape to start with. Although it looks very simple, achieving the desired effect is tough due to its precision. Hope you enjoyed this post. I would be glad if any of this enthuses you to create such Cherishing spaces in your gardens.


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