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Industrial Decor is in….Big Brewsky, Bangalore

Apart from food, ambience of a restaurant plays a vital role in the choice of a lunch out or a dine out program. Being an interior designer, I would give equal importance to both these attributes. The first impression of a restaurant or a cafe as you enter are the design and decor elements. If this is not tastefully done, its a major turn off because the food is served only later. Offlate, I have been seeing and hearing a lot about Industrial Decor. I visited one such restaurant in Bangalore called Big Brewsky which has beautifully and tastefully incorporated the style elements of Industrial Decor. Let me discuss a little about this style. If you have ever visited factories, then you would know what I am talking about……huge open spaces, machines, pipes, exposed cement or brick walls, open steel racks, yellow safety lines, teal machine paints, screws, nuts, bolts, tools, cotton wool, steel scrap etc., Industrial design is a result of Industrialisation. As per my understanding, Industrial design aims at developing concepts that optimise the function and usage of any product. Without going into too many technicalities, let us look at some of the elements one should consider while incorporating this decor. First of all, let me tell you that this is a budget friendly style.


– Exposed cement walls or brick walls. Finish is not a major concern here. The idea here is to infuse a cold feeling like in the industries. But as you can see, warmth can be brought in with the help of accents in colours and good warm lighting. Painting the walls without plastering will make it look chic and contemporary.



Floors – Exposed cement  flooring with markings in yellow would look authentic. This will look very warehouse like.

Ceilings – High ceilings with rightly placed Pendant lamps providing spot lighting will look very industrial. Pipes, ducts and beams can be exposed and that will save costs.



Furniture – Distressed and worn-out furniture is very important in this style. A flexibility in this style is that you can use most of the material textures from glass to leather to fur and polished artefacts. Most of the textures go very well with this style.



Accessories and Decor – “Re-purpose, Re-use and Re-cycle” is the key to this style. I loved the bicycle wheel art in Big Brewsky. Other interesting elements i noticed are the teal sign boards, water bodies, bougainvillea climbers that add colour and life to the otherwise cold setting, brass wall scones for lighting, crockery like the aluminium measuring jars, slate plates, iron serving trays etc., I loved the idea of the Ambassador body re-purposed as a bar counter.




All pictures are photographed by me at Big Brewsky and not for any commercial use. Please do not re-use the pictures without prior permission.

Food at Big Brewsky  – 4.5/5

 Ambience & Decor at Big Brewsky – 4/5




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