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Holi Tablescape with AUREA Blue Pottery

The moment I received a mail from Roopal of Aurea, I was sure I wanted to style their products. Two things fascinated me. One is the Blue pottery of our own country. Having traveled a few countries, I have seen how people in other countries put in a lot of effort to save their art and handcrafted products. The second reason is the blue colour of the blue pottery itself. It not only refreshes any space instantly but also ignites an air of happiness.

It is believed that Blue pottery originated in Persia and brought to India in the early 18th Century. This is the only form of pottery which is made using a special combination of powdered quartz, glass pieces and other minerals. To know more about Blue Pottery, read it on Aurea’s Website.

The word Aurea stands for splendid and beautiful. Aurea in their own words, “we have made a conscious choice to remain true to this art which binds us to the rich heritage and culture of Jaipur.  By opting to shun mass production, we nurture each piece with the time and skill that truly makes it a masterpiece – an object which will become priceless with time. With every product which leaves our premises, we wish to become a part of our customers’ life, join in their joy of gifting, share with them the pleasure of decorating a home, and take pride in their organized desks”. 



Each one of their products is unique in its imprint and texture. The visible brush strokes and neat free-hand curves are the artistic expressions of the craftsmen, which cannot be reproduced in digital print. Their passion towards their crafted pieces can be seen in the design and form of each piece. So, if you are in Jaipur or if you have been wanting to bring home a piece of that gorgeous blue accessory, do not hesitate to visit their shop in jaipur or their website. 

The products Roopal sent were an owl motifed medium sized planter, peacock motifed coasters and some tea-light holders. The products shine with artistic elegance, showcasing extraordinary designs and unbeatable craftsmanship. This fascinated me.

After I received the products, I waited for the right occassion and it had to be Holi. My experience in styling Aurea for holi was a colourful one. Since blue was the colour, i knew my props had to be in its complimentary colour orange. So, keeping the festivities in mind, i chose the orange flowers, motichoor laddu, blue and orange holi colours…. Here is the outcome.

I thank Roopal from AUREA for the lovely opportunity.