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From the Ceramics & Stoneware section of ARTBUGS

“Keramikos” in Greek translates to Ceramics in English. The word Keramikos was coined by the Mycenean Greeks who are supposedly the first workers of Ceramics and makers of pottery.

As a stylist, I believe that ceramics are versatile and can be styled in various ways. Here are a few examples. Please note – All the below seen products are available on ARTBUGS.

These beautiful hand painted coasters need not only be used for its primary purpose but also alternatively used as wall art to decorate spaces in Kitchen or dining area. Grouped together or in sub-groups, they add instant glamour to the wall. The 22 carat gold rim brings in a class of sophistication. Use it as wall art to create a sophisticated, rich country English Kitchen or Dining Area.

I simply loved these designer dinner plates, handpainted and calligraphed by Nishant. All quotes are from Roald Dahl children’s books. Apart from serving salads or dinner, I would love to frame each plate and create interesting black and white spaces for children’s room. Such casual pieces help create cool and stress-free spaces.Porcelain-Dinner-Plates-Quotes-6-500x554 Porcelain-Dinner-Plates-Quotes-7-500x554

Loved the rusticity in these mugs. These handmade stoneware cups have wider base and are great for people like me who love coffee frequently but in small quantities. Apart from its primary usage, I would love to style them with succulents, flowered cactus, floating candles, floating flowers and as vases. They will look great as tablescape accessories.

Set-of-Mugs-Purple-500x554 Black-&-Purple-Ceramic-Cups-500x554-500x554Set-of-Mugs-Ochre-500x554

Similar styling tips go with these glazed bowls too. Floating candles and single petaled flowers look gorgeous as dining table decors. These bowls can be used as succulent plant holders too.






Hope you enjoyed the styling tips of these products. Check them out on ARTBUGS. Watch out for the next post on Lighting using ARTBUGS products soon on cherishing spaces.





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