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Experience the Highest Level of Comfort with the Right Bedsheet

So, you just bought the most comfortable and cozy bed? Well done and congratulations for all that
research and trials. But your search hasn’t ended yet. You are still a step away from that perfect
sleep that you are looking for. Being an interior designer and decorator, I rely heavily on furnishings
to create a warm and cosy place. While living rooms are fairly easy to decorate, I find bedrooms the
most challenging. The biggest piece of furniture in a bedroom is the bed and the furnishings you
choose can make or break the aesthetics and comfort.

I was recently introduced to SPACES, a brand that offers a wide variety of home furnishings. Their
bedroom range of furnishings include bed-sheets, cushions, comforters and dohars. These come in a
variety of types, styles, size, price, colour and fabric. Of all these elements, the often ignored but
most important accessory of any bedroom is the Bed-sheet. The right bed sheet guarantees a
peaceful and a memorable sleep.

As a child, I remember being very possessive about my bed-sheet. I would never share it with
anyone. I still wonder what gave me that soothing sleep experience. Was it the texture of the fabric, the
colours or the stories I made up under those cosy sheets looking at the paisley patterns that
transformed me to a different world?

SPACES range of bed-sheets are made of premium quality cotton, extremely breathable and the dyes
used are AZO free, making them safe for even the most sensitive skin. While I love their geometric
and bohemian collections, I think their classic and traditional range is timeless. The modern, retro
and minimalist styles suit bedrooms designed in contemporary style of design.

Until I was introduced to this brand, like most decorators, I bought bed sheets purely based on the
colours, patterns and its compliance to the decor of the homes. While most bed sheets are bought
based on the thread count, there is much more to bed sheet shopping than just thread count. The
fabric should be able to regulate body temperature by cooling down hot bodies and keeping cold
bodies warm. In short, I prefer breathable fabrics that ensure comfortable sleep. The Active Hygro
Bedsheets collection from the house of Spaces showcases a fascinating use of technology in the
fabrication world. It has the temperature regulating feature that controls temperature upto 2
degrees, thus turning cool in summers and warmer in winters or around cool atmospheres.

It is wise to keep bed sheets of different colours, patterns, fabrics handy and change it accordingly to
alter the mood of the space. Frequent changing means fresh bedding and fresh bedding ensures
calm sleep. Remember bed sheets are not only a perfect bedroom accessory for instant makeover of
the space, but they also create memories, and so become a part of our nostalgia.


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