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Concept Interiors by Designes Interiors, Cochin

Hi Everyone,

Happy Diwali!!!

Every time, I see my student doing well, it gives me immense happiness and a feeling of success. Today is one such day, I am here to introduce Sreejith Menon, a student of mine, who is heading the creative team of Designes Interiors in Cochin.

Working on concept interiors are a pleasure for any Designer. As a designer myself, I feel it is both challenging and fun to achieve the right elements of the design.  I would like to quote Charles Eames here, who once said, “Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design“. This is the most important aspect for any concept based designing.

I am very happy to share some works of Designes Interiors here today. In most of their designs, they are spot on in achieving the elements of style. Here are a few pictures of their style creations.


FARM & GARDEN , LULU Mall-Cochin – Rustic / Country Style


Shilka Couture, Cochin – Classic / Elegant Style


Designes Interiors Office – Industrial/Modern Style


AMUL SCOOPING PARLOUR in LULU MALL-Cochin – Contemporary/Minimalistic Style


spice board of India – Regional/Modern Style


V-TRADERS. Kerala’s biggest photography store @ MG road Cochin – Dramatic/Industrial Chic Style

I know this post has stirred a lot of curiosity in you. I would suggest you to visit their site to know more about their projects. I promise to cover a couple of their projects in detail to talk more about the need to incorporate the right elements of the style chosen.


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