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A Visit to REHAU, an unlimited Polymer Solutions Company in Bangalore…..

I guess everyone has some place apart from home that they want to visit often and call it their second home. After having lived in Germany for almost 10 years now, I feel and connect with that place so much. Okay, so why am I discussing this now….I happened to visit the Indian counterpart of a German Company called REHAU. The moment I saw the milestone chart of the company, my heart was thumping in happiness as I could recognise all the places on the chart. My interest to know more about the company increased two-fold.

I visited this noiseless office of REHAU last week on Richmond Road in Bangalore. PS – notice the word noiseless….if one has lived in Bangalore, I am sure they would know how it is to be on Richmond Road at 11:00 am on a friday morning. I then was told that I was inside a building that has REHAU’s uPVC window and door systems. I totally noticed the pride in the spokesperson’s voice when he said that. His confidence speaks of the product.

REHAU is a company founded in the Bavarian town of Rehau, Germany. REHAU is undoubtedly one of the pioneers in Polymer Solutions. Initial products included shoe welting, garden hoses and automotive components. Today, the product range of REHAU is more than 40,000 different products which can be broadly classified under Construction, Furniture and Automotive sectors.

In the CONSTRUCTION Sector, REHAU is a leading provider of innovative system solutions in energy efficiency, water management, infrastructure and renewable energy. Their high performance product ranges in window and curtain walling technology, building technology. Civil engineering and infrastructure are in great demand worldwide.


In the FURNITURE Sector…..and this is the sector very close to my heart. There will be another post in detail about the products that are an interior designer’s delight.


In the AUTOMOTIVE Sector….REHAU works together with all the national and international automotive manufacturers in the areas of exterior, air and water management as well as sealing.


I was fascinated with the finesse in each of these products. I will explain in detail about the uses of REHAU’s products in the Furniture sector in detail on my next post. REHAU offers more than 15,000 different designs for surfaces used in the furniture world. Each year, 1000 new designs are added.


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